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A modicum of common sense ....

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I was looking through notes of the five match previews sent to subscribers to the clubgowi newsletter service yesterday and wanted to highlight a few things.

All of the content is unique and original, you will not see the like elsewhere, remember these are just a small part of one day's output .....

Taken from today's newsletter ....

football betting tips -

 A hugely busy week ahead, which includes two J-League rounds and AFC Champions League, there are 13 emails scheduled for the next 7 days and some odd sending times, all of which are detailed below....

Tuesday 30/04 #1 email @ 09.30

Wednesday 01/05 #1 email @ 09.30
                         #2 email @ 14.00 Which will include a look at the L1 and L2 playoffs.

Thursday 02/05 #1 email @ 10.00
                      #2 email 16.00 This will cover the Friday morning J-League games.