About clubgowi sports betting

My name is Keith and I have been involved in sports betting, on one side of the fence or the other, for all of my adult life. After starting as a bookmaker, I jumped ship and have gambled virtually full time for 20+ years.

Since April 2006, I have also been writing a sports betting blog Gambling and Other Wholesome Interests (GOWI), this has been pretty successful, with a lot of readers following me almost since day one (you know who you are!). It has been something of a labour of love, with 4,191 posts, circa 2m words of original comment and some 1m hits.

This has evolved into the clubgowi website where we have been able to expand and offer the daily newsletter service.

During the early years, I posted almost all my ideas, betting tips and advice on the blog and recorded exceptional returns for 11 straight seasons, having said that, nowadays only about 6% of my total sports betting output is free to view, so variance is always more likely to come into play with that significantly lower turnover. The reason for the fewer blog posts and betting tips is that most of my previews and all my strongest news, is saved for the daily email service. This is a subscription based pay service, subscribers receive my daily notes every morning, these are written in newsletter format and usually include a brief look back at the events of the previous day and full preview of all sporting events taking place that day, or in the near future, which interest me. At busy times and that means most weekends, there is also a follow up email, sent later in the day, so an average of 10-11 emails are written every week.

This is definitely not a tipping sheet. The average daily newsletter runs to between 1,200-2,000 words, with most events discussed given reasonably comprehensive coverage, in my opinion, the content is worth far more than the actual betting tip/selection and most previews will include a snippet or two of information which will be of further use to the reader in the future. Many of my readers are fairly experienced punters (not all), some are even full time professional players and all need this information to make a considered call, on whether to bet the selection or not. Every event previewed carries an official red type selection, I would not expect readers/ subscribers to bet everything, but some do and long term they will make a profit, but there is far more about the service than simply the bottom line and by reading the full preview, readers will get maximum value from the emails.

This is a high quality product, available for the cost of a daily newspaper and should help any subscriber, at whatever level, become a more successful sports bettor.

For further details of the sports betting newsletter service take a look at the subsciptions page.