Our sponsor Sportmarket

I would like to introduce you to the clubgowi sponsor and preferred betting partner, Sportmarket. They were formerly known as Ibramarket/5pmarket and have been offering asian markets since 2004. I have bet with them myself for several years and know the owners personally. Sportmarket offer betting options through one account at six+ of the biggest betting companies in the world,  you can use the same funds to bet with any of the companies, avoiding the need to tie up unused funds needlessly. Sportmarket are an EU Betbroker, which means, in addition to offering these services, their traders can place bets on your behalf at much higher limits than those generally offered by the bookmakers and which are already much higher than you will ever be able to obtain as a winning sports bettor almost anywhere else. No winning accounts are closed, Sportmarket are not a bookmaker themselves and actually prefer that you win!

They also welcome smaller and mid size players, who can place their own bets online and at Sportmarket, stakes can grow without restriction, alongside your bankroll.

The company is based in Malta, that has positive implications for some of you based in Scandinavia, but for everyone, wherever you are based, it offers the opportunity to bet industry leading asian handicap and sports betting lines, via a European based agent/broker. In other words, Sportmarket clients have the security of an established European based business, offering asian and Las Vegas betting freedom at top odds and high limits, with no danger of ever having their account closed!

If you have any questions about Sportmarket, I would be happy to try and answer them myself, or refer you to the correct person at their end to do so. Per Hildebrand has recently joined Sportmarket as an owner, after formerly being a client of the company, so he must have liked the product! Per is very well known in Scandinavian betting circles, was at the forefront of the poker boom and is a long term friend of GOWI, you can read an interview we did with him back in 2006 on the blog.

Per was founder and CEO of Entraction Holding one of the leading poker networks and has since been involved at industry cutting edge companies Connected Table AB and the InstaDeal Poker Network, never one to sit on his hands too long, I am sure that he has some interesting plans in mind for Sportmarket somewhere down the line. Maybe we could do an interview update with Per, he could tell us in his own words about what he has been doing over the last seven years (not many people have started a company from scratch and seen it sold for a nine figure sum!) and a little about Sportmarket from the inside.

Since I started writing the blog almost eight years ago, I have not really marketed any third party products, not even running Google ads, or affiliate schemes on the site, so you should know that Sportmarket are a company I trust and believe in and feel they are the perfect fit for clubgowi and a "must have" account for any regular sports bettor.