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As most of you know, I have had a very long term arrangement with Sportmarket, starting before they reverted to their original name and were known as Ibramarket and way before the introduction of Sportmarket Pro.

Pro was the "game changer" and it was and is a premium product, but has been continually upgraded, with new sports, extra bookmakers and facilities/options added and charges dropped.

clubgowi............who,what, why, when, how !

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clubgowi has been closed to new sign ups for almost two months, there is a waiting list for places and they will be offered one when a spot becomes available.

This is not some "trick" and once you ask to go onto the list, a place miraculously becomes free, only one person has been offered a place in the last five weeks, although I do expect a couple more to open up in the next month.

More than just a waiting list !

football betting tips -


70 betting tips !

Incredibly exciting times ahead, we will have six of "our" nine leagues in action from tomorrow and all by the end of this month !

Schedule for the rest of this week looks a lot like ...............


Friday  04/08 : Email @ 10.00 UK time with main Friday focus on Ligue 2, plus first look at English football for 17/18.

Saturday 05/08:

Email #1 @ 09.00 with the weekend's J-League games ( full round played today and another this coming Wednesday).