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clubgowi has been closed to new sign ups for almost two months, there is a waiting list for places and they will be offered one when a spot becomes available.

This is not some "trick" and once you ask to go onto the list, a place miraculously becomes free, only one person has been offered a place in the last five weeks, although I do expect a couple more to open up in the next month.

We have a very high renewal rate, but people do drop out, they might not like the notes (surely not !), could be taking a break , have bad bankroll management, family commitments, or life has just got in the way and, at the end of the day, there are a lot of things more important than betting and we should all remember that.

Anyway, you can go onto the waiting list should you wish, just email us ,  there are, in the meantime, places for the NFL only service (the new season is about to start), that is always one of the most popular clubgowi sports and we have had great success with it for many years. JOIN NOW !
The notes below were sent to subscribers a few weeks back and are worthwhile reading. They explain why membership is limited, what we are trying to provide, who reads the newsletter,  why there are no longer results on the website (so please do not ask for any), but why free to view numbers will still be updated.
I spoke the other day about the different make up nowadays of my subscriber list ..............
"My subscribers currently include three syndicates ( two of the larger ones), three bookmakers, one exchange, two brokers and two football clubs, they are the ones I know about, there may be more of each and it feels increasingly like it is those I am "working for", which is not what I set out to do, but is, what it is."
I am pretty sure that there are more of those and it is flattering in a way, they should really pay more than standard subscribers, but are not always possible to identify, hard to restrict and to be honest, I feel more kindly towards those who have been open about who they are and in two cases they identified themselves after I have turned down job offers from them . One was on a lengthy contract and well paid and my "agent" (wife) said I was crazy not to accept, but I am pretty happy with what I do and IMO, I am nowadays unemployable and too set in my ways and only want to bet, write the clubgowi notes and promote Sportmarket, which is owned by someone I have known for 20+ years and my "business" ( I am the least business minded person you will ever meet btw) priorities are solely those three and in that order.
My day is filled by betting and writing the notes, the latter helping my personal gambling. There are minimum numbers required to make the newsletter viable and writing it does reduce variance a little, but I could also spend more time in bed on occasion without the commitment and sometimes that is tempting, but the discipline is good for me and we are significantly beyond those low end numbers and I don't overly care if they are right on the minimum, or 20-30-50 beyond it, in all honesty, it matters relatively little.
I like most of my subscribers, some I know pretty well, others I only speak to once per year when it comes time to renew, possibly, that is why I like them !
More than a month ago I "closed" clubgowi to new subscribers and will be very selective about who to accept in the future, that is not being elitist, but I am happy with numbers and most of the current subscribers "get" what the service is all about and that makes for a much happier life all around. I do understand that some of you will drop out over time, but the core have been around for several years , some much longer and I believe that I have always repaid that loyalty in terms of cost for long term subscribers and even when results go against us, I still think that the notes make good reading and offer much, giving excellent value for money.
Results this summer have been pretty decent and the three summer leagues have served us well, so I will say that and then add that I have close to no interest in short term results ! I care about my betting profits and you should worry about yours of course, but I know that all my leagues and sports make good returns long term (although we might have differing opinions about what constitutes long term), almost all previews offer well thought out analysis and a different approach to what you will read in most (ALL) other places, if you can use them in some way, fine, if not, I understand and the newsletter is not for everyone. Having said that, it terms of sheer volume and number of events covered,it is pretty unique and profits across all GOWI/clubgowi products and offerings since early 2006 have been huge and that is a bonus and not even the real value of the notes IMO, which is between the match/event heading and the red type.
Anyway, while results are ok, I want to tell you that I have no desire to continue to update them for the newsletter service on a daily/weekly/monthly or even yearly basis and will not be doing so. I find it boring, time consuming and pointless and I have around 3,500 full match/event previews on the blog and website and if they are not enough for any prospective customer, then they are not the type who I want as a subscriber and atm, I am not taking them on in any case ! Existing subscribers see the notes daily, so have no need of results .Outsiders will say the reasons are different, but you know the truth. From now on, I really only want to do what suits me and in turn, I think that helps everyone.
I will continue to update the free to view results occasionally for two reasons, firstly, because we have done so for 12 seasons and secondly, as they relate directly to what is on the clubgowi website and the old Gambling and Other Wholesome Interests blog and are therefore, verifiable.

Nothing has happened, no one has said or done anything recently, or, if they have, I know nothing about it which equates to the same thing, things have been going well actually and as I have already said, numbers are more than adequate and I only want readers who like the product, my personal betting has been good (JL1, especially in running, has been incredible).


Good Luck.



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