How I have spent the last dozen or so years ...............

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clubgowi will be 12 years old on March 31st.

It started as the Gambling and Other Wholesome Interests (GOWI) blog on that date in 2006, switched largely to the website on January 1st 2013, there was some overlap for a while, but the blog has been dormant since early 2014.

However, all content ever written on either this website or the blog is still available to read, it is a massive body of work running to close to two million words of content, about the same as 18-20 novels !

Included in that are over 3,600 betting previews, which have made a profit on all 12 seasons to date, producing a ROI of over 16% , in addition, the content is totally unique . Nowadays ,free to view content is only meant as a sample of what the newsletter service provides, most weeks I preview 30-40 games/events, many in great detail, often running into hundreds/thousands of words. All are entirely written by me and much is unlike anything else you will read in sports betting related articles. I do not speak to anyone else about betting, or read any articles/previews on the subject, I am in my own little bubble and if I stumble across the same thing as someone else, you can be sure it is by chance.

GOWI/clubgowi can lose, I have posted losing periods and they can be extensive, it is gambling, anything can happen and only an idiot would say otherwise, but the two newsletter services have made huge profits totalling many hundreds of units and we have already discussed the FTV results. Most experienced bettors would say those returns are "impossible", but there they are, if not etched in stone, then print !

 However, if you look at a preview and all you see , or want to see is the single red type line at the bottom of the notes, then I would suggest that clubgowi and maybe even betting is not for you. I would say that 8 of every 10 of my previews contain content that can be of value for future games/events, not just the contest being discussed and the notes will always reward reading and, putting a little extra effort into anything in life and not solely looking to be spoon fed everything, will produce dividends, that should be obvious. For a couple of euros per day at most, clubgowi provides a lot of food for thought and reading the newsletter regularly, will make you a better informed gambler and that should always eventually lead to profit .

This is nothing new, not something I have come up with overnight, it is how the previews have always been written, look at these examples from 2013.

The thinking behind my notes is often (usually) right, but the ball is round and sportsmen/women have a mind of their own, so in a one off bet you can always lose, but maybe that preview could have led you to one, two, three later winners, or at least made you think about them. Don't be a sheep, or a lazy sod, get good information, put a little work in and it will be rewarded .

 Free to view content is about 5-6% of clubgowi output, so, for every one you see, there are 17 or so that you are missing out on.

I have re-introduced the one month subscription for a limited time only, 4-5 weeks is a very short time which is why I am not a huge fan of such subscriptions and they are not cost effective, or as much value as longer options, but they will give a feel for the service and a good idea of the thought process and work which goes into the newsletter.

The standard newsletter is sent each day @ 10.00 UK time, sending times for any additional emails are always notified in advance, for example, this week, in addition to the newsletter, there will be a second email each day @ 12.00 covering the Australian Open tennis. There will be a minimum 500 subscriber emails in 2018.


Good Luck.

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