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I have just finished the second clubgowi subscriber newsletter of today, it ran to over 4,300 words and covers the Saturday J-League games, with 5 fixtures covered .


The three "summer" leagues (MLS/Brazil/Japan) have been solid all year long, with well over 14% profit from 323 bets, Japan has been amazing (see below) and there have been a lot of "additional" winners there not included in "results" (2/2 last week both at big odds). We have not had a huge amount of luck with MLS or Brazil IMO and could easily be (should be) a few percent up on both, but year on year this should all average out. Only winter league where we have had 25+ bets is Ligue 2 and that has been similarly strong (over 17% ) which is probably unsustainable, but we have had terrible luck there (it's true !) and I said the same about early season numbers in JL1, so, who knows ?


Japan: 149 bets , 219.0 units staked, ROI 21.8%


There is a Ligue 2 preview in the previous post.


Good Luck.

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