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Incredibly exciting times ahead, we will have six of "our" nine leagues in action from tomorrow and all by the end of this month !

Schedule for the rest of this week looks a lot like ...............


Friday  04/08 : Email @ 10.00 UK time with main Friday focus on Ligue 2, plus first look at English football for 17/18.

Saturday 05/08:

Email #1 @ 09.00 with the weekend's J-League games ( full round played today and another this coming Wednesday).

Email #2 @ 11.00 will be almost solely focussing on Football League games.
Sunday 06/08: Email @ 11.00 UK time covering MLS/Brazil and the rest of the Sunday football, plus the final round of the WGC- Bridgestome Invitational.

Please note the two newsletters on Saturday and the later sending time for Sunday .


Next midweek we will have cup football from France and England and another round in J-League and there will probably be 50 clubgowi previews in the next ten days, plus 20 from LGF, covering the first two rounds of Ligue 1.


clubgowi has provided quality and choice to readers for well over 11 years and there has never been more of either.


You can sign up to LGF immediately on the "join now" page, there are no new clubgowi subscriptions available at present ( still open for those already in the database), but you can go on the "waiting list" for a place and whilst on, you will receive regular updates and additional information. Just email us at to add your name.


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