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Big event this week is the start of the NFL regular season which begins on Thursday, it has long been one of the most popular clubgowi sports and has a loyal following, it is now possible to sign up just to receive NFL previews and details can be found on the "join now" page of the website.

Four years of NFL at clubgowi have produced a ROI of +12.47 % from well over 500 units, but we have done well for much longer on the sport and have also had several big priced winners, including two Super Bowl victors at 25-1 + via the old Gambling and Other Wholesome Interests (GOWI). Sample NFL preview.

NFL only emails will be sent each day that there are games throughout the season, 10.00 UK time on Thursday/Monday, 14.00 on Sunday, anything outside of those sending times is always notified days in advance.


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