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I felt it was about time to revisit clubgowi's long time sponsor and preferred betting partner Sportmarket. I always have a bullet point explanation on the website detailing what they offer bettors, but in this article we can look into that in just a little more depth.

They are our first and only choice, not because they pay us mega bucks ( they don't !), but because, in Sportmarket Pro, they offer the best betting tool/outlet on the market.

clubgowi............who,what, why, when, how !

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clubgowi has been closed to new sign ups for almost two months, there is a waiting list for places and they will be offered one when a spot becomes available.

This is not some "trick" and once you ask to go onto the list, a place miraculously becomes free, only one person has been offered a place in the last five weeks, although I do expect a couple more to open up in the next month.