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Sportmarket Pro have now added Boxing and MMA to their offerings which already included football, tennis, basketball, cricket, rugby, baseball, ice hockey and american football , all available for big limits, but if you are a smaller punter and, we all have to start somewhere, minimum stakes are now as low as 25€ and everyone can always take advantage of the future fulfilment facility, which enables you to seek out the odds that YOU want !

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GOWI/clubgowi is in it's 12th season after starting on March 31st 2006. The results below relate to every preview posted prior to kick off (usually many hours before) on the blog/website, all of which can still be viewed online, they do not include sample previews posted after the match to illustrate a point.


clubgowi free to view results 2006-2017  (updated September 19th, 2017 )


2006  stakes    991.5   returns  1154.81  ROI  + 16.46%