If Carlsberg did betbrokers ...................


As most of you know, I have had a very long term relationship with Sportmarket, starting before they reverted to their original name and were known as Ibramarket and way before the introduction of Sportmarket Pro.

Pro was the "game changer" and it was and is a premium product, but has been continually upgraded, with new sports, extra bookmakers and facilities/options added on a regular basis and it is free to use, with all charges now dropped.

Happy Birthday to us !


clubgowi/GOWI will be eleven years old a week tomorrow, having started on March 31st 2006 .

That is a very big deal for us and to mark the occasion, you can sign up either for a year to the newsletter service (basically football only), or a 12 month full package subscription, at six month rates, we will also add the remaining days of this month for free.