Championship update ......... how to get the most out of clubgowi...........

I want to follow up on the "Saturday update" post below, keep that theme and take a look at some notes I sent to subscribers on February 3rd, it was basically a mid term update on the Championship, you can read it in full below, it included one selection for that day on Sheffield Wednesday, that is all that will appear in "results". They won but that is not the point, not the point at all.

Bet like a Pro .......


As most of you know, I have had a very long term arrangement with Sportmarket, starting before they reverted to their original name and were known as Ibramarket and way before the introduction of Sportmarket Pro.

Pro was the "game changer" and it was and is a premium product, but has been continually upgraded, with new sports, extra bookmakers and facilities/options added and charges dropped.

50 previews next week ?


We are entering one of the busiest periods of the year and I am likely to have 40-50 previews in each of the next two weeks alone, today they were seven football previews and you can read an active one below, along with other samples.