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Hi, if this is your first visit to the clubgowi website, welcome !

We do have a lot of new visitors to the site at the moment and if this is your first, second, or even third visit, there is still probably a lot you do not know about us, so I thought it would be a good time to highlight a few things/articles and point you in the right direction for learning more about clubgowi.

Our main business is writing a daily sports betting newsletter, this is sent out each day by email, usually at 10.00 UK time, there are extra editions on busy days, which for most of the year means every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Somedays there are even three copies and four is not totally unknown. Extra copies are ALWAYS advised at least one day in advance btw.

The average would be ten newsletters per week and these would carry a lot of information, some might be stats based like these recent J-League notes, but most would be full match previews like this one. There are usually 30 of these each week at this time of year and they are written in such a way, that most should contain at least a snippet of information which should be of interest not just for the match/event being previewed, but also for upcoming games. If you would like to look at a meatier sample of these newsletters, there are 9-10 days worth on the old Gambling and Other Wholesome Interests (GOWI) blog. This link will take you to the August 1st newsletter and you can scroll upwards from there through the early days of August.

I personally feel that the content is far more important than the actual selection and have outlined my reasons for this in two website articles, The Sermon Part 1 and the originally titled Part 2.

For those of you with a spare six months to kill, there as some 4,100 + posts and thousands of match previews on the GOWI blog.

The subscriptions page of the website, also contains an article entitle How Everything Works and explains how the previews are set out. The results page is very basic and that is all we have available for the general public, but it does go back over seven and a half years and includes stats for free to view content. About 10% ( three previews per week) is available as FTV either here on the website, on our Twitter page ,or via the free email newsletter, which you can sign up to receive in the box to the right of this post, it only takes a few seconds.

The free to view content is the clubgowi hors d'oeuvre, it is only a taster, the newsletter is the three main courses.

You can also read about our sponsor Ibramarket, on the equally imaginatively titled "our sponsor" tab.

If you have any questions about any of the above you can write to me directly via our contact form.

Good Luck.






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