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Here at clubgowi we have been doing some promotion for our sponsor Ibramarket and their new product Sportmarket Pro, which you can read about in this article and also view a couple of screencasts made by co-owner Per Hildebrand.

I would not be able to promote something I did not believe in, ok, maybe I could sell my soul to the devil if somebody put up some big bucks, but I would still have to look at myself in the mirror each morning , "thankfully" (!) Ibramarket are not paying us that kind of money and the product is amazing, so my conscience is clear !

Anyway, I thought it would be good to give you some personal feedback on Sportmarket Pro, so here goes.....

I have been testing /using Sportmarket Pro for four months or so and the first thing I can say is that I am astonished by the difference it has made to my betting and now that I have seen exactly what it can do, I know that it will make a massive improvement in my end of year profits, both immediately and for many years to come.

When I first heard about the product, I knew that it would make me a little extra money and felt that probably, I would get a click or two better on every third or fourth bet, which would have been pretty good anyway and that it would be hugely convenient and more time efficient, but it has done so much more than that.

I expect to win every year and can only really bet on asian markets, where you are looking at low margin lines and winners are not discriminated against, you can read more about that in another article posted on the clubgowi website.

Obviously, like everyone else (surely ?) I only ever want to bet at best available quotes, I have a real problem betting 2.02, if 2.04 is on offer elsewhere and rarely do, if I realise it, that doesn't mean I cannot bet something at 2.02, that has previously been 2.10, as long as I still think those lower odds offer value, just that the 2.02 has to be the best available price ( or the best I have seen) at the time I want to bet.

It is difficult to check all odds quickly, compare and then bet, especially as differences of more than a click or two on asian markets, when we are talking about games that are might already be bet to sub 102% margins, can quickly disappear. There are "real time" odds comparison sites for asian markets, but most are delayed by several seconds to begin with and then I have to go and bet and previously, I have been happy to have the major bookmaking sites open ( SBObet, IBC, Pinnacle) and take the best of what I could see myself with my own eyes, but this was not always easy, especially "in play" when you are also trying to watch a game, or often in my case, two or more at the same time.  I know, I know, I am a lost cause !

Occasionally, you find a small discrepancy, or difference of opinion amongst the big players, but you have to be quick and to be honest, if I liked something and felt it should be at best 1.90 and saw one company was 2.01 and a second 2.03 and know that money is likely to come and not just from me, I would take the latter quote as quickly as possible, maybe missing a bigger offer elsewhere.

Sportmarket Pro allows me to see all quotes at one time, in one window and to place my bet directly through that same window. Not only that, but I can also view all other options, for example, if the team in question are generally -0.5 ball , I can also access all companies betting -0.25, or level ball, or -0.75 or -1 ball etc. Likewise, the full range of over/under quotes, with all goal line options. This gives me a massive edge and as I say, some of the differences have been "huge", especially "in play", when I place a lot of my bets and frequently, I have seen stand out odds with a single company, 7-8 clicks better than the "pack".

"Always" getting the best odds will give anyone's bottom line a massive boost, for example ,if you hit a 54% strike rate with average odds of 1.95 and could average 2 clicks better each time, it would increase your profit by over 20% ! Maybe 2 clicks is aiming high, but the illustration works and 0.75, 2, 3.5, 1.5, 2.25 clicks difference over 5 bets is an average of 2 and has definitely been achievable and much better over the last months.

As I type this, on Monday lunchtime, I have just looked at tonight's Danish Superliga match, we can safely assume that the asian lines are already best overall, but the best of the best, is 2 clicks better on the half ball line, 5 clicks on the -0.75 ball and two again with the -0.25 option, looking at the over/under for the same game, you can get an extra 1.8 clicks on the 2.5 goal line, 4 on the 2.75 quote and 3 clicks on the three goal line.

Some of these quotes you would never normally get to see, now they are freely available to all of you.

This is an absolutely essential tool betting pre match, "in running" it is priceless to the regular sports bettor and however much you bet, you should always look to make the most from your money and to be the best that you can. Just because you are not a full time gambler, doesn't mean you shouldn't bet like one and this will give you a real edge and increase your returns.

However, perhaps the biggest advantage for some, is that you can access all these prices through one single betting account, Sportmarket Pro offer all the major asian betting options and so with one deposit, you with have available funds with six companies immediately and more are likely to be added in the future.

An asian handicap account is vital, but why limit yourself to one, when you can have them all and not tie up more funds than you need to ?

Ibramarket/Sportmarket Pro are a broker not a bookmaker, so do not care if you win, they earn their money on turnover, they give you additional security of being EU based and there are positive tax implications for any of you based in Scandinavia. For everyone else, I am confident that they offer a first class, premium betting account that is superior to anything else out there.

Any questions..... email , I will either try to answer, or direct you to someone who can.

Good Luck.




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