I have some huge news ...........

I have some very big and exciting news regarding Ibramarket the clubgowi sponsor .....

Many of you have "known" me a long time and been following since the early GOWI days, closing in on eight years now and in that time, apart from the newsletter, I have only tried to "sell" two products, so hopefully you will appreciate that when I try to "push" something, I really believe in it. Actually, this is an extension of the second of those, so still the second "advertisement" , something which has been in the pipeline for a long time and which you can get a very early look at.

It will ensure you always bet at the top available odds and mean you do not have to spread your betting bank so thinly to do so .

Ibramarket are rebranding as Sportmarket, which was their former (and IMO better) name and they have a dynamic new product, Sportmarket Pro, which will revolutionise betting and increase profits for anyone using it. I have been testing it for several months and I have been spoilt and now cannot bet anywhere else.

In a nutshell, Sportmarket Pro allows the user to access all the major asian companies (currently six, more to be added) through one window, you can immediately compare all odds and bet using a single betting account. The advantages are obvious, not only can you quickly ensure you are always getting the top available quote, but do not needlessly have to tie up funds at 5-6 accounts to do so, as one will do.

Using Sportmarket Pro, you often get to see odds movements before they even appear on the individual companies website and are able to access bookmakers not usually available to most of us. If you ever bet asian handicaps and surely all of you do (if not, read this), then you have to be using Sportmarket Pro.

They have a brand new information site www.sportmarket.com which will explain in more detail what the product offers and should answer any questions you might have and I urge you to take a look.

You are getting an early look at what is going to be a hugely popular and essential aid to betting.

Sportmarket Pro is not free to use, there is a small monthly fee (waived if you turnover above a certain amount), but you can use it until January 31st without charge.

Once the rebrand is complete, full Skrill and Neteller payment options will be added, but waiting is only going to cost you money. In the meantime, bank transfer is an option and smaller Skrill payments (500-1,000 euros) can be processed free of charge, please ask for details.

Please remember to register at Ibramarket, if you have not already done so, using the clubgowi link.

I have only received positive feedback from all clubgowi subscribers, readers and followers who have used either Sportmarket Pro and/or Ibramarket and I can assure you that over the last eight years, this is the best and most profitable winner I have ever pointed you in the direction of and it will continue to pay dividends, day in and day out.

There are a couple of screencasts below, which will be added to the demo site shortly (as  a clubgowi reader you get in ahead of the crowds and receive an early viewing), they will talk you through the product, how it works and a run through of some of the other possibilities that Sportmarket Pro offers, including stats.

It will take 15-20 minutes of your time in total, but it will help you appreciate how valuable the product is and what a difference it could make to your betting and future profits.... take a look !

Sportmarket Pro Screencast:Part 1 

Sportmarket Pro Screencast :Part 2

Please make sure you register at Ibramarket using the clubgowi links .

Kind regards,

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