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I felt it was about time to revisit clubgowi's long time sponsor and preferred betting partner Sportmarket.

They are our first choice not because they pay us mega bucks ( they don't !), but because, in Sportmarket Pro, they offer the best betting tool/outlet on the market.

Pro gives you access to seven companies, four major asian bookmakers and three betting exchanges, all through a single account, which means you are never tying up funds needlessly and your money is ALWAYS at the account you want to place your bet. Your stake is always matched at the highest available odds, your account will never be restricted beyond clearly defined and high limits , you can see the full range of asian betting lines through a single window, in other words, Sportmarket Pro will give you a tremendous betting edge and significantly add to your bottom line, month after month.

Using Sportmarket Pro, you often get to see odds movements before they even appear on the individual companies website and are able to access bookmakers not usually available to most of us. If you ever bet asian handicaps and surely all of you do (if not, read this), then you have to be using Sportmarket Pro.

If you currently bet with one asian/exchange bookmaker, why limit yourself when you can access six others using the same funds.There are a couple of screencasts below, they will talk you through the product, how it works and  run through of some of the other possibilities that Sportmarket Pro offers, including stats.

clubgowi readers and subscribers have been using Sportmarket Pro for many, many months and feedback has never been anything other than amazing , but beware, once you use it ,you will be hooked and probably not want to bet anywhere else !

By the way, do not be confused or misled by the term "betbroker", with Sportmarket Pro you can place all bets yourself online, just as you would at any bookmaker, only difference here is that odds are unbelievable, margins low and maximums high, with winning accounts not only never closed, but positively encouraged !

They are constantly updating offerings and in addition to football, you can now bet tennis, basketball, baseball, ice hockey and american football , all for big limits and if you are a smaller punter and we all have to start somewhere, minimum stakes have now been reduced to 50 € and everyone can always take advantage of the future fulfilment facility, which enables you to seek out the odds that YOU want !

If you intend to win betting football matches and if not, what is the point ? Eventually you will have no option but to bet either at the exchanges (where you will have to pay commission and charges and liquidity is low on some leagues/sports) , or more likely on asian lines, these are the only viable option to the winning punter and Sportmarket Pro is the premium offering there, the best of the best if you like. In addition they are the good guys, friendly, approachable and trustworthy, if sports betting were a cowboy movie, they would be the ones wearing white hats !

I have a few nominations for the role of black hatted villians and we all know who would volunteer to wear green, but that is not really the purpose of this post !  Pro staff are seen pictured dealing with a bookmaker trying to bet to a 10% profit margin !


Good Luck.



Sportmarket Pro Screencast #1



Sportmarket Pro Screencast #2




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