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On January 2nd we took a look back at 2013 and the end of year results. They threw up quite a lot of questions and whilst, as almost all of you know by now, I do not want to spent my day discussing results and ROI, having written the original article (which you can read here), it seems logical to follow up and I can also get something else out of the way which I have been meaning to cover for some time and that is the subject of "getting on".

First things first, the yearly stats/results are based on the guidelines I send out in the newsletter, each selection gives the current quote, which is almost always the SBOBET asian handicap line, along with my staking recommendation. The unit stake relates roughly to the amount of value I feel there is in the odds quoted, this is not an exact science, but it is explained in the How Everything Works article on the subscriptions page of this website. BTW those notes need updating, but will suffice for now.

Most clubgowi selections will be backed, occasionally they will drift in the market, but most will shorten and the staking system gives you an indication of where I feel the value cutoff mark lies. In the example given in that article, I cite a 1.5 unit selection at original odds of 2.0 still offerring acceptable value at 1.88, that is kind of a starting point, if you see it at 1.89, you do not have to immediately back it, your first instinct might be to do so , but the question you should ask yourself is, can I do better ? Even if it means having to wait.

Firstly, as already stated, when the newsletter is sent, I am only using SBOBET odds, there will often be BIGGER quotes even at that stage, by using Sportmarket Pro (details) you can immediately find out what all the other major asian companies are offering.

The asian market is a see saw, the oddsmakers are usually trying their best to balance the book, to attract money on both sides. So, if all the money comes for just one team, the odds will dip, that is supply and demand,  how else would you expect the market to react ? This is especially true on quiet trading days, at busier times, the market is likely to be far more buoyant and odds will hold up much better. However, even on less busy days, as soon as the money stops, the price levels out and after any action on the other side of the handicap, will creep back up. On many leagues, the asian companies also further reduce their margins during the last hour or so before kick off and odds should then again edge up and many times the original odds I have quoted, or very close, are available again later in the day.

The idea is not to panic, maybe you will miss out on the odd bet here and there, but there are 1,300 + bets per year and no one ever went broke looking for a better quote. There are also the "in running" markets, as soon as a match goes live, oddsmakers often forget about earlier trading and concentrate only on what they see, or in many cases, what they are told is happening. This is an option early in the game, mainly with "overs" and - handicap bets, for obvious reasons, with only about 7% of goals scored during the first ten minutes in leagues we cover , once "live" , odds change quickly. This might be an extreme example, but on Friday we took "over" 2.25 goals on this game at an early quote of 2.04, it went as low as 1.88, then back up to 1.92, which was still "good", but within 90 seconds of kicking off, was an incredible 33 clicks higher at odds of 2.25....... obviously, I was too weak to resist and had to bet again, but that, and the result (2-2) are kind of beside the point. Which is, that you can do better with a little thought and some shopping around.

The reasons for doing so are obvious, if you had bet all all clubgowi selections at our prices for an 80 euro unit stake in 2013, you would have made a little under 21,000 euros profit , if betting all under the odds and making "only" 11.26% (which gives you a LOT of leeway) you would have pocketed 15,400 euros , take off another 4% and your profit is down to 10,000 euros. Still pretty good, but each % point would have earned you an extra 1,350 euros, so worth working a little harder for.

Also, remember the odd "bonus" like in the Troyes game, which can make your profits soar and with the right application, it would not be impossible for someone using the clubgowi notes to better our returns, I play most of my bets "in running" and based around the newsletter and using Sportmarket Pro (read about my experiences) which is essential, because of it's speed and the time it saves, I am certain that I will personally signicantly better the "official" returns this year, whatever they might be.

Previews often give in play stats and ideas too (sample)and these are never included in results and to be honest ,if we hit 15% on official stats, anyone should be able to get close to at least 13-14% and if not, I would suggest they should work a little harder.  Nothing ever completely falls into your lap in life, but this is the one hobby, which is fun and which you can make money from, how much, is up to you.

I do not know what 2014 will bring, I expect it to be very good, as almost every GOWI year has been (results), but nothing in betting or life is guaranteed. IF it is like recent campaigns, sign up, bet everything with no thought and you might make that 10k for the year (80 e stake), work a little harder,  incorporate Sportmarket Pro into your betting and  maybe you will double it.

Good Luck.




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