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The two best clubgowi sports percentage wise in the last four years have been NFL and Tennis (mostly WTA), we have made the most money on football, that is day to day and has huge volume, but in terms of ROI, these have been the top two returning sports.

For 2017 we have decided to offer both as stand alone sports and products, so you can sign up just for tennis and/or NFL.

Tennis will be up later in December, with payment options and the full schedule of the coming year. In the past we have focused mainly on the slam events and the odd match or two played in build up to those, for 2017 , we will be covering 13 events across 19 weeks . We have made a ROI of 11.89% covering the most competitive high standard events, where liquidity is highest and bet almost exclusively with Pinnacle/Sportmarket, where your account will never be closed/restricted.

The NFL, you can actually try out now for the remainder of this season, the 2016 package will include the final five weeks of the regular season , plus playoff games, it should run to a minimum 35-40 game previews.
Over four seasons of NFL football, we have made a ROI of 15.21% , with 453 units staked. You can view all individual bets for this season via the "results this month" tab. There have been 74 selections, with a strike rate of 53.52% and ROI of 12.01%, stakes were 123 units, at an average of 1.66 per bet. NFL is pretty much flat stake 1.75 unit, but there are the odd lower staked selection (none higher) and we tend to start the season a little cautiously. These are all exceptional returns.
I cannot promise that we will do as well between now and February 5th (Super Bowl), it is a narrow window, but we will try and it is the ideal opportunity to sample the product and I have priced it competitively, to enable you to do so.
These are a little different from NFL previews you might see elsewhere, this is typical of what you might receive . In terms of bank roll, as with all betting you need to be properly funded, but in 2016 the service has been in profit since game day 1 and you probably do not need to allocate so much in terms of units to this service as to others, but I always like to leave that to the individual.
Previews for Monday and Thursday games are sent @ 10.00 UK time, Saturday/Sunday games at 13.00 (latest) for the remainder of this season.
Good Luck.

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