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clubgowi recently celebrated it's 11th birthday, we have been online since March 2006 , starting as the Gambling and Other Wholesome Interests blog (GOWI) and evolving into the clubgowi website. For many of the latter years it has been pretty much about the newsletter service, but what we have continued to do, is give you samples of what subscribers receive on a daily basis, via free to view previews. There are not a huge number of those nowadays, but they have continued to make incredible returns (see below) and all circa 3,500 previews can still be read here or at GOWI and are probably numbers that will never be repeated anywhere over such a long time and with that kind of volume .

Subscribers to the full service receive around 30-40 full match/ event previews per week across 52 weeks per year, our "summer" leagues are MLS, J-League and Brazil Serie A and are amongst our most successful. The truth is that at clubgowi there is no "season".
I am biased of course, but I think the clubgowi newsletter is an amazing product, there are 7-10 issues per week and in almost each one you will read something unique and unavailable elsewhere and each will include an average of 4-5 previews that you read here at the rate of one, possibly two per week. I have an almost 88% renewal rate from subscribers coming off a six month@ subscription and many have been with me for 4-6 years which says everything IMO about the quality of the service.
I don't want you to be impressed by the results below, you should be, but that is not the purpose of the website, I ONLY really want subscribers who will read the previews, enjoy them and look to learn something and incorporate that into their own betting and not be spoon fed everything, that is the modern way, too many people want everything handed to them . I am old fashioned and don't agree that is the right way. I can cut out a lot of the hard boring work, but betting can be really profitable with a little further application, nothing worth having ever comes without that and what I am trying to provide is food for thought, plenty of choice, betting options and to highlight teams and players I feel are worth following/opposing and, offer analysis and thinking you can incorporate yourself into other sports bets, it is not all and not evenly mainly, about today.

This is not new, it is what clubgowi has always looked to produce/achieve and you can read two old articles Part 1 and Part 2 which go into this in greater depth. They are from 2013 and a few things have changed, but that thinking and quality of preview remains and is what clubgowi is all about.


clubgowi free to view results 2006-2017  (updated May 31st, 2017 )


2006  stakes    991.5   returns  1154.81  ROI  + 16.46%

2007  stakes 1,187.5   returns  1331.68  ROI  + 12.14%

2008  stakes   482.5    returns  664.68   ROI   + 37.37 %

2009  stakes    548.5   returns   642.43   ROI  + 17.12%

2010  stakes   225.13  returns  259.59   ROI   + 15.30 %

2011  stakes  162.25   returns   171.02  ROI   +  5.41%

2012  stakes  267.75  returns  304.88  ROI     +16.93%

2013  stakes  137.8   returns   169.16  ROI   +22.76%

2014  stakes  177.5   returns    202.39  ROI   +14.02%

2015  stakes  191.25  returns  205.13  ROI  +7.26%

2016  stakes   214.0   returns  225.48   ROI + 5.36 %

2017  stakes  82.0   returns 120.64  ROI  + 47.12%


Total : Stakes 4667.68  returns 5442.89   ROI  + 16.61 %


Good Luck.

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