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Le Grand Foot ( LGF) is owned by clubgowi but a stand alone service, with it's own long running website , it's sole focus is on French Ligue 1 football.
LGF has been active since November 2012, I liked the look of the site and content and when I saw it was for sale several years ago, bought it. My only real intention was to use it to market both clubgowi and Sportmarket and even the most cursory glance at LGF in the interim will probably have confirmed that, but it has grown into more than just that. As part of that marketing and the fact that there had to be something for visitors to read, I paid for Paul to continue writing the previews (as far as I am aware, he has previewed every single L1 fixture since that day in 2012),  I suppose I could have done them myself, but liked the idea that they were written by a third party and in a very different style to my own notes. I had some minor input, for example, asking Paul to add confirmed team news to all previews and for him to put something in red type, as originally, he was just giving his thoughts on the fixtures, but, that aside, I have not interfered.

I like the notes, which is why I was attracted to LGF in the first place, they provide content on all 20 teams each week, an update on style of play and confirmed team news, all of which I know is reliable so it saves me time and I can incorporate them into my own thinking/ betting should I be looking at a Ligue 1 game.

You can view LGF's Week 19 notes on this link.

LGF offer: 4 weeks free ! There are 14 rounds left in Ligue 1, sign up for 10 rounds via the clubgowi website (99 €) and receive all 14.

Good luck !

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